Thursday, March 29, 2012

great gift ideas

with my niece turning one and her birthday party finally here!! (due to the rain on the day it was planned it was pushed back 2 weeks) i thought of sweetest gift for both mommy and baby but being that my week was so crazy i have wait to get it in the mail (yes, my gift will be late but we have a back up gift) but i thought i'd share with you and maybe it might help others who are stuck trying to find the right gift for that little one....

I will be putting everything in wicker basket and wrapping it with a red bow simple with not too much of a mess.

Bath suit :
Option: 1-Gap Kids              Option: 2-One Step Ahead
This is the cute girly one       This is more ideal with a munchkin that is
but not the most patrical        potty trained!!                                       -Love this set for the sand not only is
                                                                                                  it ideal its eco-friendly -OrganicallyHatched

 This is perfect for the whole family:             One Step Ahead

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