Sunday, March 18, 2012

sex and the city sunday's...

i usually clean my heart out on saturday morning so that saturday evening and sunday day i'm lounging around the house but instead i waited for today! before i even attempted to clean i went out for some errands and found a cute sweater with my mom at old navy even though summer's around the corner it was a must have for me. i am on a strict budget so i have to make due with what i have....which now i have to get creative and make it work like tim gunn says. once i got back and start cleaning i decide to make it a marathon of sex and the city... i can never get tried of these ladies....and started to think of outfits for my new sweater. i pulled out some elizabeth and james shoes and a million different ideas came from this, i can't wait to wear it. check it out below my new sweater with my heels

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