Thursday, October 4, 2012

busy is under statement...

lately i feel like i have no time in the world to do any thing  but work, school with our son,crafty when i squeeze it in late nights and of course cleaning....but i am putting a stop to that... i am going to sit down this weekend and make a schedule plan and try my hardest to stick to making myself put a post up weekly about what's going on, what i pulled out of my closet to wear and what i am making this

here's my little treats that i have been making... my shoes that i love!!!!
this is a basket of strawberries (made by paper by ME with the help of the cricut) filled inside with Hersey kisses for my lovely sister
princess invite ideas for my cousin's daughter Jaylene....
 halloween treats for our son's class

L.A.M.B got on a great deal.....

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