Tuesday, October 16, 2012

smells like money.....

almost about a year ago we stood at the Ritz Carlton due to the power outage in our neighborhood it's LONG story but we stood at this fabulous place for free with our home owner's insurance.... we felt like a million bucks!!!! night swimming in the roof top pool, having a five course meal in our room, relaxing in the lushes bed and enjoying the bathroom with all the little goodies left in there for us. we came home "smelling like money" because every one kept telling us how good we smelled so, now that we have finally gave in a bought a actual size bottle of "smells like money" i can't wait for it to get here..... it is the perfect scent for male or female with a scent that last all day long and for me that's worth it because i hate to spray my favorite perfume only to realize that i can no longer smell it... you feel me....  this lotion is FABULOUS  and will be here before i know it.... excited!!!!

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